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We provide a wide range of private investigations, surveillance and related investigative services throughout the Cincinnati area and the state of Ohio.

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A full-service Ohio investigation agency.

A Precision Investigation & Consulting, LLC. offers the full range of professional, confidential investigations and related services to clients in and around the Cincinnati area, throughout Ohio and Kentucky.

Our investigations, surveillance, and related services are available to businesses, corporations, attorneys, law firms, organizations and private individuals.

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A list of our general investigative service are listed below, but we also offer specialized investigations related to Criminal Defense, DUI Defense, and provide professional Service of Process.

Our general services include:

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We can assist the police department with your criminal investigation and protect your interests. We will ensure that all investigative measures are initiated and all investigative avenues are explored. If you are the subject of a police investigation, we can provide you with information to assist in your defense. We will work tirelessly with your defense attorney to uncover all witnesses and evidence that could assist you in obtaining a “not guilty” verdict. We have over 58 years of award-winning law enforcement & investigative experience.

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Every Child Custody Investigation is unique. A Precision Investigation & Consulting. LLC can conduct comprehensive background and social media investigations on a suspect parent or caregiver. Our investigators may conduct surveillance, employing advanced surveillance tactics, to ascertain how a parent or guardian treats their child when they are with them. Our agency will attempt to document any abuse or neglect utilizing digital imaging equipment.

Our investigators may identify nefarious individuals living in the parent or caregiver household and background investigations can be completed on them.

Our investigators are vigilant for alcohol or drug abuse, unsafe living conditions, criminal activity, unsafe operation of a motor vehicle and a host of other behaviors that may negatively affect the child. We can also issue detailed reports to the attorney or client and appear in court to testify about results of an investigation.

Our Pre-Employment and Background Investigations are comprehensive and reasonably priced. We offer businesses a wide-ranging pre-employment package that can include drug testing information to check out that new employee. Background investigations can be completed for Safety-Conscious Adults. We can complete a pre-nuptial investigation for peace of mind. Businesses should know whom they are hiring and adults should know with whom they are associating.

All businesses, in this age of computerized management and accounting systems, face the risk of serious financial losses. The loss of assets or earnings through theft, embezzlement, fraud or employee incompetence has become a growing problem for businesses today. Similarly, decisions involving large sums of money are placed at risk when claims about a company’s operations and finances are questionable. Senior management who suspect that their company is being victimized has to be able to substantiate its’ suspicions in order to curtail this activity.

When you need surveillance to obtain information, video, or photographic evidence, A Precision Investigation & Consulting, LLC. are the leading surveillance specialists in the Cincinnati area. We utilize cutting-edge equipment and techniques to establish and complete even the most difficult surveillance situations.

Locating missing persons is a specialty. We can find missing persons anywhere in the united states. Locating missing persons is a challenge and requires expertise. A Precision Investigation & Consulting, LLC. is highly successful in this effort. Whether you want to locate a natural parent, family member, child support owing ex-spouse, long lost friend, classmate, relative, military buddy or ex-mate we have the capability to find them. Just imagine, 24 hours from now you could be talking to that long lost person. Let us help you achieve that goal.

A Precision Investigation & Consulting, LLC. investigators understand that domestic investigations can be emotionally distressing and we guarantee a discreet and confidential investigation. We conduct surveillance of spousal or teen activity, conduct background investigations of domestic employees and investigate cases of suspected elder abuse. In the elder abuse investigations, we consult with a medical doctor who assists in analyzing all data recovered. In all of our investigations we use the latest investigative technology and provide a comprehensive report that allows you to make informed decisions.

Investigation is conducted into the activities and physical capabilities of a claimant whom has an alleged injury received during the course of employment and who is receiving benefits. A workers’ compensation claims investigation details the claimant’s daily activities and reveals possible employment. Patterns of activity are also established to facilitate a cost effective and viable surveillance.

A Precision Investigation & Consulting, LLC. uses state-of-the-art investigative technology, customized to fit your budget and special needs. Qualified investigators perform all installations. We use Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite technology and the latest mapping software to track company vehicles covertly, providing a detailed analysis of vehicle movements with or without the driver’s knowledge. This gathers useful evidence on employee negligence or off-premise theft of goods in transit. We also use the same technology to track a potentially cheating spouse or verify the activity and location of your teenager when he or she is “out with friends.”

A Precision Investigation & Consulting, LLC. utilizes cutting edge technology and the most advanced equipment available for these services. Our investigators are skilled in detecting hidden transmitting devices. They will quickly and efficiently complete a thorough sweep of any premises including business, corporate offices and residences.

Whether you need long lost documents located or the credentials of a prospective business partner verified, call us and we will produce results with efficiency and professionalism.

People contact us for many different reasons. If you have a personal or business situation that you do not who to go to for answers, call us. We may be able to help.

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Immediate services available in the following Ohio regions:
Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland, Akron, Springfield, Columbus, Toledo and all surrounding areas.

We also cover the following areas of Kentucky:
Covington, Lexington, Louisville

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