Cincinnati Criminal Defense Investigations

Our experienced investigators can assist your criminal defense attorney by obtaining evidence to help them defend your case in court.

Cincinnati Criminal Defense Investigations

Ohio's Leading Criminal Defense Investigators

If you have been charged with a crime, having an experienced criminal defense investigator working for you can mean the difference between a guilty verdict and an acquittal.

A Precision Investigation & Consulting LLC utilizes cutting edge equipment and services in its’ investigative operations. We can employ covert cameras and recording devices, computerized crime scene diagramming, digital photography and easy on-line case submission, to name just a few.

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Cincinnati's Most Experienced Criminal Defense Investigators

Chief Investigator Dale Dorning is the past National Director and longtime member of the National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI). NALI is the oldest and most prestigious association for Legal Investigators in the United States.

Mr. Dorning and his team at A Precision Investigation & Consulting, LLC. can review your criminal case arrest with you and your defense attorney and work to develop an investigative strategy for defending you in court.

If the police used questionable methods or tactics, our agency have experts who can review your case and discover police procedure errors and policy violations. We can conduct a thorough investigation on behalf of the client and develop new witnesses, alternate suspects and strengthen client alibis.

Our skilled investigators can locate and interview the witnesses and document their statements. If a witness changes his or her statement during a court proceeding, the investigator is available to refute the altered statement. A Precision Investigation & Consulting LLC has trained interviewers that are experienced in the criminal justice system, so they know the appropriate questions to ask.

A Precision Investigation & Consulting, LLC has worked and had successful outcomes for defendants charged with various criminal charges from capital murder down to a DUI infraction.

Persistent, Comprehensive and Timely Investigations… Until There is Nothing Left to Uncover!

The types of criminal cases we typically investigate include:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Neglect or Abuse
  • Rape and Other Sexual Offenses
  • Computer & Internet Related Crimes
  • Fraud, Theft and Embezzlement
  • Burglary, Robbery or Home Invasion
  • Arson and Criminal Damage
  • Accident and Traffic Infractions

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, Contact Us for assistance or complete our free, no obligation Case Evaluation Form.

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Immediate services available in the following Ohio regions:
Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland, Akron, Springfield, Columbus, Toledo and all surrounding areas.

We also cover the following areas of Kentucky:
Covington, Lexington, Louisville

All major credit cards and Paypal accepted.

Ohio Private Investigator License: #201021001629
Kentucky Private Investigator License: #0163

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